Trumpeter on Big Lake — Natural Habitat

Big Lake

Building in harmony

with the natural amenities

Natural Habitat Protection
Maintaining the environment today, and for future generations

With careful consideration to the wildlife habitat, Anthem United has created a unique subdivision ensuring the developed areas compliment and work in harmony with the natural amenities. Horseshoe Lake situated along the southeast corner of Trumpeter and Big Lake, a short walk away, are attractive natural amenities that today’s homeowner appreciates.

Anthem United, recognizing the importance of maintaining water reserves, is establishing a system of small wetlands that will filter the storm-water from the neighbourhood before draining into Big Lake, enhancing the water quality. This process will also increase onsite water retention allowing the moisture to nourish the soil rather than drain away.

To minimize light pollution, low-energy LED street lamps effectively illuminate the area while being less intrusive on the nesting birds. Low impact techniques like developing with less impermeable surfaces and the planting of trees, bushes, and grasses native to the area will be a harmonic extension of the existing woodlands and provide an abundant green space for all to enjoy.

Trumpeter habitat

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